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What, there's more?


There's so much that goes with being an author. It's easy for aspiring writers to think, "all I have to do is write the book, my agent and publisher will take care of everything else..." Sorry to disappoint friend. It's easy to think your job is done when finally after months (or years), your book is finished, that your work is done. Writing a book is easy, I'm confidant that with the right tools, anyone can do it, but I'm sorry to inform you eager writer, your job has just begun. Many successful social media expects insist you already have to have a huge following in order to truly be a knock-out author. Is that true? Do you really have to have enough fans to fill a ballpark in order to be a bestseller? I'm not sure. Either way, having a few fans couldn't hurt. That's why we work hard using our Facebook, our Twitter, Pinterest, Google+...really there are too many to name. And then we have the good Ol' Author website (that does NOT come with a user friendly manual for dummies I'll have you know). Now the real work has begun. Where are we suppose to find time to run all these social media networks, build and maintain an Author Website, and still have time to read, write and continue our dreams of becoming a bestselling author all while functioning in a real world as people with families, kids, pets...? The real question is, what is it worth to you? The your answer is like mine, then I'm sure you'll step up, learn to organize your life (family first, or else what's the point?), and quit whining (because frankly, you don't have time) and play around with what works for you. Remember perfect takes practice, after all your book didn't not write itself, so keep up the good work, order a Venti-whatever, and get to work. I like to set aside 1-2 hours in the a.m. to work on my social networking, make sure kids are content, and then proceed to write on and off (usually every time I pass by my computer), and when I'm not home, I've found the best investment to have is a little black notebook to write all my Malicious, little secrets in. I hope this has helped without making you feel over yelled at. Be sure to check out the websites that have helped me get to where I am today, I know they can help you too.

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