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Malicious on Goodreads


What does it take for a new author to make it? Besides from the obvious answer, which is a whole lot of Patience, it takes readers willing to step out of their comfort zone, and try something new... It's easy to fall into what's already known, and comfortable. I certainly have my favorite authors and constantly drop everything else when they have a new book emerge out into the world, and only when I'm done reading everything they've ever wrote, will I try reading from a new author. Now that I'm wearing the other shoe, I'm constantly asking myself, why haven't more people dropped everything to read Malicious?...when really I'm just being impatient. The truth is, I have the best group of readers, a wonderful publishing house supporting me and my Malicious characters, and quite possibly the best job in the world! I mean come on, I get to write discussion posts in the middle of the day... When an author is first published they ask themselves, what if my story is too controversial? what if, what if, what if??? So here is the question I ask you, the readers...HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT YA BOOKS THAT TALK ABOUT HEAVEN VERSUS HELL? HOW MUCH SEXUAL CONTENT IS TOO MUCH BEFORE IT GOES TOO FAR? WHAT ENTICES YOU TO READ FROM A NEW AUTHOR? Feedback is welcome and appreciated...Did I mention I have the best group of readers?

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