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Wishful thinking...actors to play leading characters in Malicious

I’m pretty sure there is a time when every author has fun throwing around ideas about which actors, or actresses, could play characters in their books. Or at least I will continue to tell myself this so I don’t feel like a total loser who daydreams and condensates with her own characters…did I admit too much? Oh well, I’ll admit I’m never one to know the proper time to put foot in mouth.

So now where were we?

Oh right. I’ll be posting off and on images of actors and actresses I believe fit the image and or characteristic of Malicious characters. Please don’t let my imagination ruin how you have pictured some of these same characters. It’s hard to get everyone’s image right so bear with me as I share my own with you.

Above is a picture of Raven from ‘The 100’. The actress’s real name is Lindsey Morgan. I picture Dess with beautiful olive skin, dark hair and those glorious eyes of course, but Lindsey also has the strong, tough girl look about her that manages to still be feminine at the same time; she is one of many I could picture playing Dess if Malicious were made into a movie.

I would love to hear your thoughts on these posts, present and still to come. I meant this only for fun, and in no way am I insinuating Malicious will be made into a movie.

Have fun and I hope you all have a great, and adventurous week!

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