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Reveal of Malicious Book in Print

Hey guys, thanks for tuning in!

Below I've posted the link to YouTube with a video, (my first one so be gentle on me), of Malicious arriving in the mail. Here I where I open my package for the first time with all of you!

Malicious is the first book in the Morning Star Institute saga, for those who are just tuning in. You can still get your copy of Malicious in E-book, but now you can also get your paperback copy.

If you are interested in reading Malicious and would like to own a free E-book of Malicious to review, please contact me via email.

If you have already read Malicious, and would like to know where to leave your review, that part is easy. Go to your favorite book site, (or all of them) GoodReads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, ITunes, Kobuk, or Smashwords, just to name a few, and leave your honest review. I LOVE HEARING FROM READERS!

Thank you to all of my awesome fans for spreading the word about Malicious. Keep it up!

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