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Epic Facts About Malicious

As I’m finishing, and getting ready for the third-book in the Morning Star Institute series, Ruthless, to be published, I was going back and re-reading the first two books, making sure I kept my facts straight. Something that I thought would be fun for fans was to re-cap on some of these malicious traits that you all love so much.

(Please feel free to add your own favorite fun facts in the comment section of this blog post!)

  1. First of all, Dessi is Apollyon Starr’s daughter, and youngest of two offspring in which he claims, Abaddon being his eldest...Dessi is also Apollyon’s favorite.

  2. The Morning Star Institute is set in the cliffs of Santorini Greece. I choose this location because of some religious, and mythological beliefs that Greece is where souls went to live after death. Greece was/is considered to be the point between Heaven and Hell. What better place for a mythological Creature such as Apollyon to institute Hellions?

  3. No Place is the place Angels travel, humans and unworthy creatures cannot see, and is a way for Angels to spy upon the earth while traveling safely.

  4. Hellhounds are the protectors of Hell, and work personally for Apollyon. Every Hellhound aspires to be a great Hellhound and to be chosen by Apollyon, and serves with unswerving gratitude.

  5. Dessi is a soul, reader. Just as some people can see, feel, or sense soul auras and colors. Dessi can read souls by seeing the aura indicating if someone means to do harm to her or anyone else. Dessi can also read the part of the soul branded by a person’s/creature’s soul-name. The name a parent gives the child can produce a person’s/creature’s outcome and personality.

  6. Lain is Angel obsessed with eating green-fruit. He also knows about Dessi’s fate being the Devil’s daughter, and constantly strives to make her see that she has a choice about who she wants to be. He tries hinting how she is part of a prophecy, but the Laws of the Angel’s prevents him from telling her outright.

  7. Kione is a bad guy, a Drifter who comes from nowhere. Each name I chose in this book reflects the meaning of the name, and produces the characteristics Dessi sees when reading someone’s soul. My sneaky way of bringing to light her magical powers.

  8. Apollyon is waiting for Dessi to bloom into her powers. He expected a lot from his own daughter. He too knew of her fate, and what her potential powers could do if she were on his side. Apollyon pushes Dessi by forcing her to play his games, all in hopes she’ll show more promise and magic. Apollyon is a selfish Jerk…it’s in the Devil’s description.

  9. Malicious, and the Morning Star Institute is not meant to showcase any type of religion, only a fun fantasy world of Mythology.

  10. Ace is the top Hellhound-in-training. He has this whole bad-boy image going. Girls swoon over him, yet Dessi and Ace hate each other, (until they realize they secretly love each other)! There are more layers to Ace than he likes to show. Dessi sees this, and loves him for the good Hellhound he is. Sometimes, Opposites attract.

  11. Blake is Dessi’s best friend, also a Hellhound-in-training. Blake thinks he loves Dessi, and complicates matters by confessing this to her. When I’m reading a romance of any kind, (my favorite will always be paranormal romance), I enjoy a good twist on the love triangle. Love is complicated, not always an easy thing to see, and often hits you like a ton of bricks. Oh I believe in soul mates, but sometimes they take a little longer to find each other.

That about sums up everything you need to know about Malicious, the first of four books in the Morning Star Institute series. Both Malicious and Shameless are out in both E-book and hard-copy. By the way, my publisher, editors and I myself, are all getting excited for Ruthless, (Book3) as the final pieces fall into place perfectly.

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