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An Authors New Year's resolution

An Authors New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year to all of my fellow authors, and writers!

New Year’s resolution can mean so many different things for many different people.

Some people cringe with the word, other’s embrace it like a spring’s first rain shower: a clean slate, and fresh new start.

If you guessed that I’m the former, you would be right.

As different as each of our new profound resolutions may be, I feel pretty confident when I say: as writers, and authors, we all share similar writing goals. Which is why, today I compiled several sources to help get, and keep you on track.

Let’s start this off right by saying…you really CAN do it all! By this I mean, you can be a parent, work two jobs, and still find time to write, only it may be in smaller increments than you would prefer. Writer Mama, Christina Katz says so, in her Writer Mama book she wrote to guide authors on Raising kids and your writing career side by side. In this fast-pace, real life writer hacks, Christina suggests keeping an open laptop on the counter and every time to walk by it, type something, anything, even one sentence, (a book gets wrote one word at a time). I suggest the same for keeping a notebook handy at all time: in your purse, briefcase, care, coffee table, and write, write, write. When I’m constantly on the go, sitting at soccer games, doctor offices, waiting in car for school to let-out, I fill up my notebooks with the intention to transfer to my computer once I’m at home. Otherwise you will lose those fantastical ideas that kit you like a semi while standing in line at the grocers. You won’t remember later, trust me.

In writing guide, Hooked, by Les Edgerton, you’ll learn to write fiction that grabs your readers on page one, and never lets them go. My number one rule I live by is that you are bored writing your book, (at any time, on any page during your book,) your readers will also be bored. Write the kind of book you would want to read!

Another great read for an author is Fire in Fiction, by Donald Mass. In this writing installment of his, he explains step-by-step of how to outline a book, keep it flowing, and grab the attention of a literary agent. And perhaps most importantly, he explains what NOT to do to turn off readers, and agents.

Read different genres, write, build your brand through social media, and read about how to write and sell in our current book market. All of these help to build good author habits that you will continue throughout your writing career. Writers is my number one source for keeping up with today’s writing trends. You’ll learn from experienced authors, top Agents, and Publishers.

Another suggestion is to get yourself in a writers group that matches the genre you like to write in. My books are Young Adult, which is why I participate in YA Highway. Joining genre-related groups keeps you active in your community of writers, agents, and fellow ambitious authors.

Joining a critique group sponsored by a publishing house, is also a sure bet to wiggle yourself into the writing-world…Authonomy is produced by a division of Harper Collins, for instance. Here you get to post your hard work, have others judge and critique your book-baby, while Harper Collins keeps an eye out for real potential (a book deal is on the line here, so take a critique serious). Here is a quick recap for what TO do, including some marketing tips.

  • Be consistent. Never stop researching, reading, and writing.

  • Build your brand by blogging several times a month, posting on social media accounts, and being yourself.

  • Take advantage of home pages for authors, such as Amazons Author pages. Upload your bio, picture, and books sold on Amazon.

  • Watch YouTube videos from other successful authors telling their story. Hey if it works for them, it could work for you.

  • Find, and invest in reviewers. Your mega fans are your greatest asset. Don’t take them for granted. Be real, and kind to these fans. They will be the ones to drive your book-baby.

  • Find a merry group of readers you can trust to read, and write honest reviews for top book-selling sites. Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble…even their own blogs and websites. Offer incentive by way of posters, free books, bookmarks or a mention on your Author website. A little gratitude goes a long way.

I hope this has helped. Everything I have learned, and posted for you here, came from advice from other authors, and agents. Most of which I found on Writers

If you enjoyed this article, and found it useful, please Share so that other writers, can too enjoy and grow.

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