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Print is Finally Here!


Print Is Finally Here!

After all this time, and waiting patiently, Malicious and Shameless are now available in PRINT!!! If you haven’t snagged your copies yet, here’s all the ordering information:

Get Malicious in print from Barnes And Noble HERE:

Get Shameless in print Barnes and Noble HERE:

Get Malicious in print on Amazon:

Get Shameless in Print on Amazon:

All copies, E-book or Print, include a sneak peek into the next book. Book two, Shameless also includes a sneak peek into book three of the Morning Star Institute series, Ruthless, (release date coming soon)…

At the moment, Malicious and Shameless are available to purchase everywhere in both Print, and E-book at: Barnes and Noble, Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Goodreads, as well as directly from my awesome Publisher at Muse It Up Publishing. These books are even available worldwide.

You can catch a sample chapter of Malicious and Shameless on Amazon by taking advantage of LOOK INSIDE THIS BOOK, option. (I hope that you do!)

Also, if you would like to catch a recap of book one, Malicious, before starting book two, Shameless, you can watch my YouTube video & book trailer here:

You can enter to win a free signed copy of Malicious or Shameless in PRINT by going to my Facebook author page, and posting your copy of your review for the E-book.

Go here to find my Author Facebook page:


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