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You may have heard a thing or two about my love of writing dark, sinister characters (usually these characters are antagonists...but not always) sometime while reading the books in the M.S.I. series. If you are new to this blog and the M.S.I. (Morning Star Institute series) family clan...fam-clan? Okay I like it. Sorry but I think fam-clan will be sticking around a while.

WELCOME, and don't be scared, these books are really good despite the evil villains you will love to hate!

There's just something intriguing about being scared out of your wits and on the constant run from things that go bump in the night. Of course, having only antagonists never works well for dynamic storytelling, and what's the point if there's not a good protagonist around to endure the chase?

Just a little insight into the way my Writer brain works...

Now, for your writing tip of the day: if you are bored while writing a scene in your novel, your readers will be bored reading the scene in your novel. Always write what keeps you on your toes and wanting more, this will help keep readers turning the page.

Currently there are three books out in the series. Malicious, Shameless, and Ruthless. I'm currently finishing up what will most likely be the last book in the series now, and boy Oh boy, do I have some surprises in store for you all! It's dark and ominous, gritty and cringe-worthy, but also beautiful and adventurous. I enjoy mixing mythology with monsters of all shapes and sizes. I will not reveal too many spoilers, but Dessi has come a long way on her path to greatness, learning how to control her Devil-made powers more and more. I couldn't be more proud of her (sniff, proud of my character baby)

Anyway, that's all of the juicy bits for now. Many projects are in the making...but I cannot tell you more as of yet. Man, I'm such a tease!

Sorry, not sorry.

If you have not had a chance to read my books, it's never too late to join our "fam-clan" yep, still loving it!

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