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March Madness

Hello March, where has the last two months gone? And hello to you, my cheerful reader and friend!

Is it just me, or has this year started out with a flood of ongoing events, assignments, to-do lists, meetings, and goal-reaching? If you are anything like me, you are feeling this new year starting out with a bang. But at least we are doing it in style and having good times, am I right?

Now that it is March already I'm starting to get the spring itch, or spring fever. Don't worry I don't think I'm contagious!

It is March first and we officially have snow!


Looking out my windows you would never guess that spring is just around the corner. But if you look close enough you will see past the snow on the ground, the ice on the windows, the smoke from having the fireplace going, past the chilly air, and if you are brave enough you'll wrap up in something warm and cozy and wander outside, you'll find the branches on the trees are starting to bud.

An optimistic prelude for what awaits us while we remain hopeful for warmer days, rain showers, lush greenery and aromatic scents of new plant life forming, can be found all around without us even realizing it.

And thank goodness too because I'm going out of my mind stir crazy inside! Not that I don't enjoy reading, writing, and sharing every looming thought with you on this blog, but I'm starting to talk to myself and the kids are scared!

Okay. And moving on...

While Saint Patrick's day is not my favorite holiday, it's one my family enjoys taking part in. Namely the Irish soda bread, corned beef and cabbage, and all things edible and green. And of course the shameless act of being able to catch someone not wearing green, who let's admit, is just asking to be pinched!

And let's not forget the infamous mythical creature who has wiggled their way into this holiday...

My littles are always on the lookout for that sneaky leprechaun who is notorious for leaving a trail of green footprints and glitter throughout our home.

Little mess-maker!

Luckily he almost makes up for it by leaving us a pot of jellybeans.

Insanity this month is an obvious undertaking, but we're all a little mad, darling, aren't we? Or so the saying goes...

Unfortunately for my husband, I take this saying to a more literal sense.

He's learned by now to just go with my crazy plans plans and schemes without reading too much into them. Because let's face it, you can't stop a tornado once it's begun--though really I'm more like the Tasmanian Devil all wild haired and crooked toothed...there's a lovely image for you.

Not officially diagnosed with ADHD (hello I'm a writer!) but it's no secret that I'm a pretty busy girl and a pain in the butt most days. I don't blame the hubby for not trying to keep up with me.

Speaking of plans and schemes, this month I will have another book finished and ready for the taking. Which one you ask? Nope, not gonna tell you quite yet! But don't hate, just be patient with me.

It takes a lot for me to put these books out there. Having a book baby judged and critiqued can be brutal. Over the years I've developed some pretty thick skin, and I've learned that surviving reviews from publishers, editors and literary agents, is all part of the learning process towards making me a better writer.

That right there, is your writing tip for the week. I'll also add this: don't take criticism personal. If you want to become a better writer, a published writer and grow your books, try finding something positive in each critique. You're bound to learn something new if you look at it from that standpoint. And really, who are we to argue with the professionals sifting through the slush piles any way?

Chances are that arguing with one of these professionals will not win you any publishing brownie points and may even result in being red-flagged in the writers community.

My advice is to keep plugging away, keep making mistakes, and keep putting yourself out there and just be thankful if someone in the publishing world takes a minute out of their day to offer you up some writing advice. Writer's Digest is one of my favorite places to go to keep up with the latest writing trends, submissions, and to have any of my work critiques by a professional.

Yup, I still go through much of the same process even now, if only to keep my humble and constantly learning the field I hope to be remain my number one dream career.

So besides Saint Patties day, finishing up another book, and a small case of the stir-crazies, I'm just a mom, writer, wife, student, teacher, and real estate agent (because why not? I am a writer with a gypsy soul) trying to keep it real this March.

Speaking of keeping it are some March facts about me this month. Anyone relate?

Books I'm reading this month: still working on the Harry Potter series and still LOVING THEM!

Songs I'm stuck on this month: I'll Be There For You, by: Jessica Glen

Snack I'm addicted to this month: oatmeal with Walnuts, cinnamon & brown sugar/ Green Tea Lattes/ and super-food hot chocolate!

Activity taking up all my time: besides writing, reading, & blogging I'm working out with Shaun T in Insanity & keeping up my yoga with Boho Beautiful. Seriously, check her out on YouTube!

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope I haven't scared you away and that you keep coming back!

I love hearing back from my readers or other aspiring writer's so LAY IT ON ME!

If you're in need of a good book to read, check out the first book in the Morning Star Institute series. Find me on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, ITunes and at my awesome publisher's website, Muse It Up Publishing

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