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  • Alissa T. Hunter

Finding Inspiration. What makes you tick?

*Picture credit goes to my cat, Winter, who's always trying to talk me into sleeping for just one more minute.

“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” — George Bernhard Shaw

When it comes to the topic of what inspires you there are endless possibilities. The trick to finding inspiration is simply allowing yourself to be inspired. Take off those headphones and sleep-mask and open your eyes and ears to the world around you. Opening yourself up this way could be the start of all your something-spectaculars. After all, if you do not actively search for inspiration how do you know once you've found it?

Inspiration could literally be thrown against your head, and if you're not open to receiving the signs that it was there at all, you'll probably simply shake your head and wonder what the heck-n-George that was all about? (and possibly start believing that there are actual fairies living in those bushes near your favorite thinking bench who are out to get you)

Keep your eyes above the horizon and not aimed down at your untied shoelace. the shoelace will be there next time you look down, though the chance to see something really cool may not.

No matter what kind of artists you are, or what it is that you are living for, there are billions of ways to be inspired. For some, it is the act of people watching (though I do recommend being a tad discreet while watching people; it's all too easy to come across as stalker-ish or a creep...not that I know from personal experience...or maybe I do?) Let's just say that some people do not understand or appreciate that you are an artist who enjoys discovering unique differences that set people apart and that might make for excellent characters in your next novel. I'm not alone here though, am I? I mean I can't possibly be the only one who hides behind the coffee mug in hand while taking copius notes on peoples' (sometimes their pets too) uniqueness, right?

Otherwise, this might be awkward for me...(uh-hmmm) let me just clear my throat and get back on topic now.

The point is that it doesn't matter what or where your inspiration comes from as long as you are actively seeking it.

For instance, it can be something you search out each day, or it can be the very reason--the one reason, you get out of bed each day and work so hard. It doesn't matter if you fail at whatever it is you're trying to accomplish, so long as you're always trying to get somewhere.

As an author/writer I find inspiration in doing what I love.

Writing & reading.

Sometimes, before I can sit down and do the writing, I have to first do the reading. I have to first do the people watching, (and the coffee drinking while listening to the music).

I'm inspired by endless possibilities. If I were being honest I'd admit that I'm really way too easily inspired. How cool would it be if there really are fairies living in the bushes next to my favorite thinking bench? A girl can dream, right?

What truly inspires me to keep writing and finding my voice in different and unique ways, is you. After reading the reviews on my books or hearing about how much someone either really loved or really hates (bad publicity is better than no publicity though I can't imagine a person hating any of my books...) Readers who are just as invested in my charters as I make it all worth the while. Dragging a reader into a fantasy world and bringing a smile to their face is the heart of why I write and why I'll keep writing.

Sometimes these inspirations never make it to my laptop keyboard, and that's okay because they become a part of me--a part of how I choose to see the world and let the world see me.

So, no matter what you're working on or what you're striving for, what your goals in life are, don't forget to look up every once in a while. Know one does you better than yourself. On;y you know what drives you. Be open to new experiences. Be open to receiving new perspectives. Perhaps most importantly, be open to the fact that there could be fairies in the world. Anything is possible.

I'm not afraid of failing because there is honor in trying. Every day.

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